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BBS is keen on empowering students with the knowledge it provides them through different programs. BBS is an accredited organization as it provides high quality education to international students and maintains partnerships with many international educational authorities.

BBS partners include Qualifi and OTHM, both of which are recognized awarding bodies based in the UK and are assured quality in the professional certificates they provide. Through these partnerships with some of the top higher education organizations we are able to streamline our programs and provide all the necessary requirements for degree recognition, career employability services and in class presentation of information. Our leading programs are supported by experts from organizations such as Qualifi and OTHM which have accumulated years of experience in shaping the entrepreneurship of young students and engraving the business skills of students and employees looking to take their skillset to the next level.

From offering certificates in Operations Management to Business Law to Oil and Gas, our ranging strategy in strong collaboration with our partners Qualifi and OTHM is to tackle very specific problems in the business world and the international economic environment in order to provide more proficiency in technical skills. This is part of our efforts to increase the employability of our students or employees as the business environment expands more and the labor market sets forth new positions that address the continuing growth in demand of new products.

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