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Attaining work experience throughout your academic journey is seen as essential for the growth of not only your job prospects but also your overall understanding of the practical applications of your field. Internships offer students an invaluable opportunity to also broaden their network of prospective colleagues and employment superiors.

Barton Business School gives students the opportunity to apply and experience the benefit of placements and internships. Students can apply for placements during their studies pertaining to their specific major and this will lead to a practical experience in varying industries of between 6 to 12 months. Students also are compensated for their participation and thus begin to experience the eve of their careers

BBS also provides a wide range of undergraduate and post-graduate internship opportunities which usually are shorter and can take up to 4 months depending on the details of the employing organizations. Undergraduate internships can vary regarding compensation as some of them are targeted towards advancing the experience of students without compensation.

We are keen on advancing both your theoretical knowledge as well as your practical experience as it is vital for the growth of your synergetic competences. Experience our jovial and substantial internship opportunities at some of the top companies located in the most vibrant cities of the world, giving you the opportunity to meet real world leaders and learn from them directly in the workplace. Students will earn roles that would enable them to bring about real changes to their community through our interdisciplinary opportunities and develop their critical thinking skills during real time environments. You will develop skills in time management and decision making in fast paced and changing business environments that would allow you to tackle some of the most challenging issues facing our world today.

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