Student Life at BBS

Facilities and Support

BBS encompasses a variety of facilities that students can enjoy and benefit from.

Study Spaces

BBS continually invests in efforts to innovate and improve its study spaces in order to provide the best quality experience for students. They include extensive libraries, student’s hubs and clubs as well as individual spaces that students can use to isolate and focus.

BBS Libraries

We are subscribed to thousands of academic and scholarly journals that are reviewed and recognized by some of the leading scholars and publishers in the world today. We also provide thousands of books ranging from the Fine Arts to Advanced Technology and Science. All of our physical resources have online complements and equivalents that students can utilize.


Enjoy our collection of entertainment facilities that aim to help you blow off steam, socialize, engage in free thought and have some fun. Our range includes a series of cafes and shops that provide students a space to enjoy themselves and take a break.

Sports and Wellness

There are a lot of opportunities for students to pursue their sports interests and advance in their athletic capabilities and competences. BBS’s campuses all include gymnasiums and sports centers in which a wide array of sports are practiced and cultivated including football, basketball, badminton, handball, volleyball, table tennis and much more.

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