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What are some of the things I am able to do after I obtain my degree?

Students depending on their respective degrees can become proficient in a wide range of practical fields such as:

Some of the common skills gained in between degrees include:

What are the entry requirements for my chosen degree or field?

For more information about what you need to prepare for your application, please visit the undergraduate study section of the BBS website and click on the degree you have chosen to view the details.

What are the possible degree pathways I can gain access to after I complete my bachelor’s degree?

Upon completion of your bachelor’s degree you will have the opportunity to apply to our array of post-graduate degrees as well as opt to complete professional certificates. Please follow the below links for more information about the programs:

How can I fund my degree?

There are many options available for students to facilitate the financial requirements of their degrees.

What are the resources required of me for my progression and degree completion?

Students will be provided with course materials including books and online resources that are necessary for the completion of courses. Some courses will require students to purchase material upon instructor recommendations. Course material is vital for student progression and maintaining the course momentum as well as assimilation of information so students are highly encouraged to comply with the requirements of each individual course.

Are courses offered online or face-to-face?

Some of the programs or courses will assign online lectures depending on the details of the material or the course timeline. Due to recent pandemic issues some of the degrees offered will be transitioned to an online learning platform (LMS) but that is pending at the moment. In general students are to expect a mix of physical attendance and online learning during their higher education in accordance with contemporary health regulations.

If something is still unclear for me, who can I contact?

If there are any inquiries or questions you would like to ask us, we will gladly address them. Please contact us through our informational and general inquiries email:

[email protected]

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