Barton Business School provides a wide variety of technical consulting services to ensure that the company we work with is subject to significant economic, social and political shifts. Our advisory services allow you to build a new way of thinking to discover creative solutions to your unresolved realistic problems. BBS hires a research-driven and corporate focus group to discuss problems through coordinated and productive frameworks.

Our services can be divided into three categories in general. First off relates to our services in the field of higher education. Specialized experience in academics helps us focus on teacher preparation or prospective persons pursuing higher education jobs. We help build teaching skills in diverse contexts aimed at various teaching aspects. Also we are a research driven institution and so we build research teams and apply numerous qualitative and quantitative tools with the use of state-of-the-art data analyzing systems such as ANNOVA, MATLAB and XLSTAT. Our programs in this field are targeted at generating creative development and solving today's technological challenges.

Secondly our specialized consultancy and business services beginning with growth. Our Business Growth programs provide a wide variety of applications through rapid collaboration, strategy, theoretical sessions, consulting sessions and the analytics of future business scenarios. In addition BBS overviews products and services and produces evaluation and assessments. Our research-driven teams and expertise will be of interest to companies aiming at improving their products or services through resources such as communications, staffing, creativity, and management. We provide competent company reviews and analyze the specific shortcomings of our companies in order to recognize the deficiencies and stress the strengths to deliver useful results.

Thirdly BBS is also thriving in its function as a connector and networking agent between international organizations, higher education authorities and universities worldwide. BBS is within a comprehensive network of colleges, schools of education, academic administrations globally. BBS is part of a global network that links our potential clients with organizations. We can give our potential clients value by also cutting corners and providing insights on what opportunities would be most beneficial considering our client's situation.

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