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Your social life at BBS should allow you to develop new skills in your social repertoire that you have not been able to unlock before. We provide an environment of equal opportunities to speak and express yourself through student unions, clubs and societies that address an array of contemporary issues, intellectual engagements and interests and fun hobbies. Through your orientation into BBS, you will become a vital element in our vibrant student community which entails not just receiving the benefits of inclusion but also giving what you have to offer.

We always seek to encourage students to go out there and make their mark pertaining to how they think, how they view things from their perspective and how they prioritize. That is how we continually sustain the growth of our social community and environment and also how we induce growth and unveil the potential inside our students that have been previously dormant. We realize that you want to become a valuable and influential agent in your community and society as that is the ultimate goal of acquiring a higher education in the first place. Therefore, we attempt to design the perfect environment for you to be able to attain the necessary skills for the achievement of that end.

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