International Foundation Program

Our International Foundation Program is a rigorous preparatory program designed to accommodate you to your new university lifestyle and introduce you to the basic principles of your academic pathway. This program will allow you to formulate an understanding of the underlying basic principles of your field as well as augment you with studying skills. Students will not only learn the basics in this program but also will get the chance to meet their fellow classmates, develop their schedules, figure out their potential pathway and understand their respective and expected responsibilities.

The program consists of core modules and pathway specific modules that are specifically tailored to meet the academic needs of our students. The core modules are English Language Skills and Integrated Studying Skills. These are the two essential modules for any prospective student seeking a degree of higher education abroad and in English. Such skills are vital for the continuation of students to higher levels of university education.

The International Foundation Program involves several pathways including:

Once you complete this 3 term program you will be eligible for admission into bachelor’s degree level in the UK and worldwide. More than 95% of our students graduate from our International Foundation Program and receive a place in a university abroad in some of the top universities out there.

Application Requirements:

The International Foundation Program has multiple yearly intakes but students are expected to submit their applications in early June.

See below the General Requirements pertaining to school education:

See below the Specific English Language Requirements:

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