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Our campus locations are amongst some of the best cities around the world that offer students the opportunity not just to seek out work and employment prospects, but also to have fun and enjoy exploring their hobbies and meeting new challenges.


The programs offered are all geared towards proficiency in technical capabilities. All of our programs are led by some of the most effective scholars in the business literature and practical world. The programs at BBS offer students and prospective leaders with practical workshops and assigned case studies that improve the applicable knowledge and develop the decision making skills of students.

Faculty members

100 members within all departments.

The faculty members of BBS are proficient, expert and technically inclined academics in a variety of fields including Business, Finance, Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Law and Oil and Gas. We have gathered this international team of renowned academics from all over the world in order to incorporate a sense of diversified knowledge inside our community.


2,150 total students

The students at BBS enjoy convenient accommodation and a world of opportunities to explore outside campus. Moreover, our community involves numerous student activities that aim to develop skills in leadership, communication, teamwork and initiative. Clubs, hubs and societies play a role in shaping the character and spirit of our students and thus we tenaciously promote their freedom in expression.

BBS has received distinguished honors in the following fields:

BBS has been able to earn awards based on its excellent research capabilities throughout its history. BBS seeks to sustain its position at the moment and continue to grow more by attracting more scholars and big thinkers as well as upgrading its research competences through technology.

All programs are taught in English.

Our extensive and comprehensive research tackles several challenges including:

More than 50% of our students are international and have applied for studying abroad on our international campuses.

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