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BBS offers students a variety of ways they can become more global and have an international experience that would provide them with unprecedented skills and opportunities. Typical programs at BBS will allow students to spend a semester or two abroad in our other campuses located in exciting cities. You will have the chance to visit our campus locations such as Milan, Montreux, London, Dubai, Valencia, Berlin and New York as well as with our partner universities and campuses.

Engaging yourself with our Studying Abroad Programs will allow you to experience diversity of lifestyles and academia. This experience will be one worthy of cherish and commemoration when you look back at it in the future. You will begin to learn skills in communication in a foreign culture and foreign environment and thus build your resilience, adaptability and independence.

Our team of experts are ready and available to always provide you with support towards offering you flexibility and optimization in your international academic endeavors. We seek to help you achieve this international experience whilst minimizing the hindrances and making the process as smooth as possible.

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